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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Your Hours?

Our offices are open 5 days a week, Monday-Friday, from 8am - 5pm.

  • How Do I Contact You?

Please go to the Contact  section of our web page for more information.

  • Are Your Products Warrantied?

Texas Allied Landscape warranties the landscape for ninety (90) days and the irrigation's parts and workmanship for two (2) years. Rain-stat devices are warrantied for 90 days. There is no guarantee of plants however during times of extreme heat/drought.

  • Why is My Tree Dying?

In 2011, Texas experienced its hottest and driest summer on record. We will be suffering from that drought for many years to come. Despite the rain we had late that winter and following spring, some trees were irrevocably damaged.  The excessive rains of Spring 2015 have caused many drought tolerant plants to die and caused trees to fall from rain  drenched weakened soils.

  If you have a live oak tree dying, it could be oak wilt. Mostly red oaks are affected, but all oaks are to different degrees susceptible.  White oaks are the least susceptible.

***For more information, contact your local licensed arborist or visit the Texas Forest Service website at http://txforestservice.tamu.edu/main/default.aspx.

  • What Are My Watering Days?

San Antonio Water System and New Braunfels Utilities have lifted the restrictions on watering.  You may water using a sprinkler or irrigation system any day of the week as long as it is within time period allowed by SAWS and NBU.  SAWS hours are before 11am or after 7pm. NBU hours are before 10am or after 8pm.  

Hand watering is permitted anytime.

  • What Is A Backflow Prevention Device?

This is the device that will prevent contaminated water from entering your house lines from the irrigation system.  It is also the device that can be shut down in the event that you have a serious irrigation leak going on, without shutting your house water down.

  • Where Is My Backflow Device Located?

On our systems, the backflow device is typically about 5 feet from the water meter in a rectangular green box.

  • How do I Shut the Backflow Device Off?

There are two handles on the device, turn off the one closest to the meter, followed by closing the second one. Closing the device in this order will help protect the inside of the device itself.

  • Is It Normal For A Sprinkler Head to Leak After the Zone is Off?

Yes. In most cases, a sprinkler head will appear to drip / leak water after a zone is finished and closed off, due to the water pressure in that zone. The water has to go somewhere with the built up pressure, so it will go to the furthest head in that zone to release the water and pressure.

  • Do Weeds Indicate What's Wrong With My Soil?

Yes - Crabgrass indicates low calcium, while chickweed indicates a lack of potassium and manganese in the soil.  Henbit or lamb's quarter indicates rich soil, while reindeer dandelions and stinging nettle mean the soil pH is below 7.0.  Mudwort and wild carrot signify worn out soil.  There are many easy solutions for these problems - consult us for assistance.  (info source - SAWS 7/2015)

  • What is Oak Wilt?

Oak wilt is a deadly fungal tree disease primarily in the Central Texas region that is infecting all Oak tree species, especially Red Oak and Live Oak . Oak wilt spreads either above ground through nitidulid beetles or below grounds through root connections. It typically results in dead leaves, fungal mats, decrease in tree canopy and property value, and is expensive to maintain. Preventing oak wilt is possible if certain procedures are followed, such as strict pruning guidelines and disinfections,  or painting oak tree wounds. For more information on Oak Wilt and how to prevent it, please click HERE or contact Texas A&M Forest Service at texasoakwilt.org.

If your tree is already infected, please contact us for a consultation as your tree care professional.

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